When I spoke of it, the Spirit of God said to me your Ebola pandemic is over. When I heard the news today, they said countries that were under attack before were declared Ebola free and even news agencies called it a miracle.

When will nations understand God is within our midst and speaking and healing and delivering? When will nations understand that the world is coming to an end soon?

I cannot explain the accuracy of Jesus in His word but I can tell you the truth that indeed He speaks and if these things come to pass as He says them to me, I have no doubt of any other Word He has ever said....

These are the signs that He is coming soon. Continue to watch and wait upon Jesus. Continue to pray for His prophet Maxillar Mumo.

See a screenshot below of when I declared what the Lord said that your Ebola pandemic is over.

In Jesus name I pray; I see a life scare event coming to a president and it will capture the attention of the news. I see it will be all that. A scare and they should not worry for the life is safe. I live it at that.

There is a national anthem I hear in my ears constantly! Time is getting closer and the international eyes will be on this nation soon! I see it is like the year shall be a turn-over with deep memories of your present past! The national anthem is significant of a national matter that is coming to you and it is in honor of service. I leave it at that!
In Jesus Name I Pray: I see a group of Extreem believes that is seeking and planning to split the world in 7 parts! The Spirit of God said to me to post here, it is enough, you shall see the message that He is about to give you! IT SHALL NEVER HAPPEN!

The Spirit of God says you shall therefore bring damnation upon thy own self in your selfish greed! You shall raise your finger against your very own plan and those around you bringing a catastrophic end to your own self; the world will only assist you alittle in this.

You sought to divide the world in 7 parts, the Spirit of God says from today your own rulership shall be divided in 7 parts that will begin the infightings amongst your unity and from there the finger shall be raised bringing your own self to your own destruction!

The Lord says you have done the unthinkable to others, but what you shall do to yourselves and amongst yourselves shall never be able to be explained. THIS IS THE VOICE OF GOD TO YOU!
In Jesus name I pray: I see a great awakening from the church is coming from the church to the world and the glory of God shall be seen again! It seemed as if in the past the church was in slamber and overpowered by all the world's drama.

This is the voice of God to the church! Your awekening is here! As I speak of this prophecy, virtue keeps departing from me! I see the church will rise in prayer, prophetic prayers that will change the course of the nations that already seems lost unto unexplainable sustainance in the presence of God's glory!

YOU ARE ABOUT TO HEAR OF THE BREAKOUTS that will get INTERNATIONAL MEDIA ATTENTION! These things are already happening!
In Jesus Name I Pray: I see a former Vice President of this country in danger of loosing their life! Pray for this family that God will be with them! The Spirit of God says it will happen fast! Pray for him that his life will be saved! I live it at that!
In Jesus name I pray: I see a massive wave that will carry a pesitilence that will be airbone and shall take lives at will. Pray for these people for I see that this will happen soon because I see God has been sending His Word to them and they keep ignoring it. God's wrath shall come down to them in a tenth of time.

The world has been battling an Ebola breakout in 2014 from the West Africa. And as the world continues to battle this disease, I feel it is time to bring it to your attention that I spoke of this outbreak 4 months before the first outbreak of Ebola in 2013.

As I was praying it was brought before me in a table like in form of a TV screen that then showed me of a wave; a spiritual wave that was coming in a form of presitilence that was going airbone speaking from a spiritual point of view; to mean that how it will travel will be at will from one person to another but it will be sweeping across the land taking lives at will.

Then the Spirit of God said it is because I have been sending my Word there but they have been ignoring it. This means that principalities then have taken charge of these places and this disease will break them by taking lives without control as released of God.

When it came, they called Ebola. When I was getting ready to speak of it, the Lord said hold it. I held it, and I was ordered to hold my posting of the fulfillment of this prophecy until today as the Lord today said; it is over!!!

Your EBOLA pandemic is over! However this serves as a warning and if there is no repentance, what will come will be worse than this. I live it at that!